Bicester Box League - the Final Round

Starting in August 2016, our Box League reaches its Final Round Climax after a gruelling 54 sets played.

Initially players were randomly placed into the six Divisions but now it's Round 10 and time to find out who will be the overall winner.

He will receive the Bicester Box League Trophy and a medal.

Second and Third places will also receive a medal.

Some honourable mentions:

●   Alan Hall has played every month, winning Div4 in Round 1,
     Div3 in Round 2, Div2 in Round 3 then staying in Division 1
     until now.

●   Jonathan Davies started even lower - in Div5 then straight to
     Div1 by Round 5 where he stayed until dropping temporarily to
     Div2 due to being unable to play one match.

●   Kevin Peake started right at the bottom in Round 2 but had
     worked his way to the top by March staying there until June
     when work commitments meant using a sub.

●   Julian and Tom make up the top group for the final Round. Julian joined Div 5 in Round 4 and Tom made a
     late run winning Div3 in May and Div2 in June having spent 6 months in Div4!

So congratulations to all those who have stayed the course. The Box League will have a short break restarting a few months later with all entrants going back into the mix, being randomly shuffled into divisions then off we go again.

I hope that everyone involved has enjoyed this friendly and light hearted competition in which people have played with players they may not otherwise have done so.

Nick Adams
Box League Bloke