Bicester Box League - it's Round 8!

An enjoyable and light hearted social doubles club competition designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of playing abilities, the Bicester Box League is open to any full adult member of the club.

There is no cost to enter and no officials. Players arrange their own matches to suit themselves.

Entrants were initially placed randomly into the Divisions but over time the Divisions are becoming more representative of individual playing ability.

The winner will be the player who finishes top of round 10 in July and will receive this prestigious Bicester Box League Trophy!

The League will have a short break restarting a few months later with all entrants going back into the mix, being randomly shuffled into divisions then off we go again.

We need more entries - j
ust click here.

Some guidelines are here and scoring information is here but don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more information.

Nick Adams
Box League Bloke