Bicester Box League - Series Two

It's the Tenth and Final Round of this Series

The deadline to complete this Round is Thursday, the 28th of February 2019

The Bicester Box League is a sort of League Table that runs for 10 rounds (approximately one round a month).

If you don't know how it works there are some guidelines here.

Players play three sets, changing partners every set so their opponent becomes their partner and vice versa.

In the First Round the players were randomly placed into Divisions of four but now their League position reflects their progress over the whole nine months.

The following awards will be
presented at the end of the
final round of the series:

  • The overall winner will receive the Bicester Box League Trophy and a medal.
  • Second and Third places will also receive a medal.
  • The best placed Lady will receive a Trophy and a medal.

This year we also welcomed entries from Juniors as long as Bianca Pallatt, our Head Coach, confirmed them.

Nick Adams
Box League Bloke